Bounds Provider Troubleshooting

For providers who are enrolling or completing an application through our BOUNDS system, this troubleshooting guide should help you take next steps in resolving your issues in completing your application through the system.  All questions about the completion requirements should be directed to the program whose application you are completing.

Before you proceed, please note the limitations of our support:

  1. If you are able to log into the portal, use the Messages tab to communicate directly with your program staff. It may take a bit to hear back, but emailing JUMP Technology Services will not produce a faster response. We can not answer questions about when your application will be completed or when you will receive your provider number.  We only provide the software for tracking your process.
  2. Under no circumstances should you email your documents or photo ID to JUMP. Sending this information via email places you at risk of third parties who would like to steal your identity. We will not assume responsibility for your actions in sending private and confidential information to us via email. The portal is a secure method for uploading this information and the encryption used protects your confidential information but only if you are logged into the portal.
  3. If you are not able to log into the portal see below

System Status: At this time all videos and portal screens are working properly.  If you are encountering an issue please see tips below.

Regarding VIDEOS: 

  • The most common issue related to video completion on mobile devices is caused by a timeout that you are not aware of. This is because when you leave the video page to open another app, take a call, or screen lock your device, the browser window goes to sleep.  Your timer stops running to let you know that you have timed out. Close out your browser windows on your phone and login to the portal again.
  • When using a laptop or other type of computer and are using Chrome, you may have an outdated version of Chrome. If updating Chrome doesn't fix it, or you can't update Chrome, then switch to another browser such as Edge or Firefox or switch to another device such as smart phone. 

Issues Related to Logging In

1. Did you receive email instructions from the program? 

        Yes, see Question 2.

        No, Make sure the link you are trying to access ends with .../ProviderLogin.aspx  If it does not, you have the wrong link.  Please contact IHSS/Public Authority.

        If your email provider is,, you should consider getting a new email address.   ATT controls those emails and they are known to block consent based emails even after multiple requests to resolve the issue.  Free emails are available from Google (gmail), and other providers.  Here are examples of many other systems having trouble with ATT who never responds:


2. Are you able to login? 

        Yes, see Question 6.

        No click here for instructions to reset your password.


3. Are you receiving an access denied message? 

        Yes. Try resetting your password using these instructions.

        No, I do not get an access denied message. (See below, Question 4)


4. Are you receiving an invalid credentials message? 

         Yes. Try typing in your password instead of copying and pasting or request a new password using the forgot password link. 

         No, I do not get an invalid credentials message (See below, Question 5)


5. Have you requested a temporary password and still unable to login? 

Temporary passwords expire. Be sure to use the temporary password that you were sent within 24 hours. Otherwise, you'll need to request a new one.

Did You Know

Over 97% of providers successfully complete their assigned activities in BOUNDS in less than a week?  If you are experiencing technology difficulties, please see the troubleshooting tips above.  Please consult instructions provided to you by the program to learn more about the program's application process and timeline.


Completion of Your CA IHSS Provider Application

6. Are you needing a change to your application such as email address, primary language assigned, or type of application, or a cancelation of the application?
         Yes, contact the IHSS.

         No, go to next question.

7. Do you have a question about when your application will be completed, receiving your provider number, or scheduling an in person appointment (as required by the county)?

         Yes, 1. Applications will be reviewed within 30 days

                 2. You will need to contact the IHSS for your provider number.

                 3. You will need to contact the IHSS in order to schedule an in-person appointment.

         No, go to next question.

8. Are you unable to mark one or more videos complete?

         Yes, be sure you are watching the videos in full without interruptions, only in one tab, and are using Google Chrome.

         No, go to next question.

9. Why are some activities showing as not completed?

Forms will not mark complete until the IHSS reviews your application.

Completion of Your State of Montana Application

For all questions about the application process, information appearing on your public search portal, and any other question related to State of Montana requirements, please use the Messages tab in your provider portal to contact the program.  Only the State of Montana program staff are able to assist with these types of requests.