BOUNDS IHSS Provider Portal Support


Welcome, to the support page for the IHSS Provider Portal. Please use one of the links below to view a manual or useful videos to help you complete your application process. 


Having trouble logging into the provider portal for the first time? 

1. Be sure to click the link in your invitation email to make sure you are using the correct login address.

Correct address format:

Wrong address format:

2. Enter the username (your email address) and the password that is showing in your invitiation email.

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Frequently Asked questions

Q: How do I contact IHSS?
A: You can contact IHSS directly by using the Messages tab. Follow the instructions in the Messages section.

Q: How do I get my provider number? 
A: When your provider number is available it will appear next to your name box on the left side of the provider portal. To get the status of your provider number, send a message to IHSS using the Messages tab.

Q: How do I update my password? 
A: Select your name at the top right to update your password. 

Q: My name isn't correct, how can I change it? 
A: You will need to contact IHSS directly to change your name, use the Messages tab.

Q: I have Actions Required what does that mean? 
A: Each item on your Action Required tab is an item you need to complete. See the Action Required section of this manual. 

Q: The item on Action Required isn't clickable.
A: If the item isn't clickable go to your Forms and Links tab and all of the forms and the link to the videos can be found there. See the Forms and Links  section of this manual. 

Q: What do I need to do once I complete all videos for my training?
A: You should contact IHSS by using the Messages tab for further instructions. Follow the instructions in the Messages section.

Q: Did I complete my action required items?
A: Action Required items move to the Show All tab when they are complete. See the Action Required section of this manual. 

Q: I'd like to know my Provider status. Is there any way to know when I will be approved? 
A: To get your provider provider status, send a message to IHSS using the Messages tab. 

Q: How do I fill out a form? 
A: Select the form, download the form to your device, fill in the fields that you can type in, save it. If you can't fill it in electronically print it and fill it out that way. 

Q: How do complete the SSN verification?
A: You'll need to scan it in or take a picture and upload the file. Follow the instructions in the File Upload section of your manual.  

Q: How do I fill out my signature application? 
A: If your program is using the Provider Application with Signature option select the application from the 'Forms and Links' page. Find more information in the Forms and Links section of this manual. 

Q: How do I send in my filled out form? 
A: Once you have filled out and saved your form follow the instructions in the File Upload section of your manual. 

Q: How do I upload documents or forms in my portal?  
A: Follow the instructions in the File Upload section of your manual. 

Q: I submitted my forms why are there no complete dates? 
A: The forms have to be accepted by IHSS. Once IHSS accepts your forms you will see a completion date for them. 

Q: How long after I complete my action required items do I have access to the portal?
A: Until you leave the program and they inactivate your account. 

Q: How do I update my resource listing?
A: If you are a "registry provider" you will see a Resource Listing link by your name at the top of the page. Once you load the page you can use the radio buttons at the bottom of the page to send a message to the program who can update your information for provider matches. 


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Log in and Tools


In the Bounds portal manual you will find out how to use the various tabs available in the BOUNDS Portal. 
First and foremost you must log in, if you have forgotten your login select the Forgot Password link. 



Once you login you will have some tools available no matter what page you are on.

Select your name to update your password or make any changes to your login. Note you have the option to opt-in to receive SMS messages. Select Get Help to get to this support page where you'll find videos and instructions for using your provider portal. You may also select the Blue Circle icon to go enter a chat with technical support staff. Chat hours are from 5:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). Please note technical support staff can only questions regarding the use of the provider portal. If you have a question about the program you'll need to use the "Messages" tab in your portal to send the program your question.



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Action Required


First, on the Action Required tab, you can see actions that you are needing to complete. There is a date assigned, due date, and completed date. If you see a blue underlined activity you can select it to go straight to the activity that you need to complete. You can Show Active activities or Show All activities. 

Important Note: As you watch the videos your complete date will show automatically. The forms will not have a complete date until IHSS accepts them after they have been submitted. 



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Provider Check In


If you are a Registry Provider a new item you may find in your "Actions Required" tab is Provider Check In. This action will show in your list periodically as a reminder to check and update your information. This information includes services you provide. This will assist the program in matching your services to providers. As an alternative to the reminder action you may open the resource listing link at the top of the page anytime you'd like to review this information. 



When the Provider Check In page opens you'll see the services you offer listed as well as your provider information at the top. View your information and use the options at the bottom of the page to let the program know what changes you need to your resource listing. 



Selecting the "Please call..." option opens a text box to fill in a phone number for the program to contact you at. 



Selecting the "Please make the adjustments below" option opens a text box to enter a message regarding the changes you'd like to made to your resource information. 



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You can send and receive messages to and from the Public Authority Registry via the portal. Select the Messages tab. There are Received and Sent tabs, you can reply to messages or create new ones. These messages go directly to the Public Authority Registry. 



When you select Reply or New you can enter a subject and message. Then select send to send the message. 



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Forms and Links


On the Forms and Links tab, you will be able to download and fill out forms. Provider Applications will be listed under the Provider Forms. 
If you do not see a form on your Action Required tab or need to review a form it can be found on this page. To fill out a form select the form and download it to your device. Type into the fields that are available then proceed to the file upload tab. 

If your program is using the Provider Application with Signature option you'll be able to fill out the application and sign it digitally. Click the open icon next to the application. Fill in all of the questions in all of the sections then click the Send button on the upper right. 



Another way to see all of the Orientation Videos is to select the "Videos in all Languages" link.



You will be taken to this page, select the language that you want to watch the videos in.



Then select the video you need to watch.



Once the video is complete you will see this screen, select the replay icon or select the complete button. Completing the video will take you back to the Action Required tab. 



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File Upload


On the File Upload tab, you can upload your saved files to send to PA Registry. Select New to upload a file. 


**Make sure to save your document to your device



Then select your file type. 



Enter the Description and Choose File then select Send.


*When you select Choose File you will find the form that you have downloaded, filled out, and saved to your device. 



Once you have uploaded the file you can see it on the File Upload grid as well as select it to open it. 



Important Note: You will not get a complete date for these forms until IHSS accepts the form. 


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To make an appointment for an "In Person" meeting at your county office. Go to the "Appointments" tab in your provider portal. Select the Open icon next to the appointment date.


Select the Plus sign (+) next to the appointment time that works for you on that day.


You are now registered for that appointment time.

Select the "My Appointments" tab to see your appointments you are signed up for or to cancel your appointment.


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Update Account Information


Select Your name in the upper right corner to reach your account information page. When the account page loads you may make your changes including updating your password. Be sure to save your changes.


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