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Welcome, IHSS providers

This support page is provided by JUMP Technology Services to assist IHSS providers in the usage of the BOUNDS provider portal application. Please do not contact or email JUMP for assistance instead please read this section on the limitations of support.

Are you completing your IHSS Provider Application on a mobile device.

Check out this section for tips on using the portal on a mobile device.

Are you're video links not working on the action required page?

Here's an alternative method for videos.

You may receive reminders or notifications emails

Application reminders are sent every 15 days by email while your application is in process until the 90-day time limit has passed. Your county IHSS is responsible for updating your application to complete. If the program sends communications or documents to your portal, you will receive a notification there is something new to view in your portal.

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The Topics section below will guide you to the instructions for each section of the portal.

Frequently Asked questions

Q: How do I contact IHSS?
A: You can contact IHSS directly by using the Messages tab. Follow the instructions in the Messages section.

Q: How do I get my provider number?
A: When your provider number is available it will appear next to your name box on the left side of the provider portal. To get the status of your provider number, send a message to IHSS using the Messages tab.

Q: How do I update my password?
A: Select your name at the top right to update your password.

Q: My name isn't correct, how can I change it?
A: You will need to contact IHSS directly to change your name, use the Messages tab.

Q: I have Actions Required what does that mean?
A: Each item on your Action Required tab is an item you need to complete. See the Action Required section of this manual.

Q: The item on Action Required isn't clickable.
A: If the item isn't clickable go to your Forms and Links tab and all of the forms and the link to the videos can be found there. See the Forms and Links section of this manual.

Q: What do I need to do once I complete all videos for my training?
A: You should contact IHSS by using the Messages tab for further instructions. Follow the instructions in the Messages section.

Q: Did I complete my action required items?
A: Action Required items move to the Show All tab when they are complete. See the Action Required section of this manual.

Q: I'd like to know my Provider status. Is there any way to know when I will be approved?
A: To get your provider provider status, send a message to IHSS using the Messages tab.

Q: How do I fill out a form?
A: Select the link to the form. It will download to your device, fill in the fields that you can type in, save it. If you can't fill it in electronically print it and fill it out that way.

Q: How do complete the SSN verification?
A: You'll need to scan it in or take a picture and upload the file. Follow the instructions in the File Upload section of your manual. Never email your documents.

Q: How do I fill out my signature application?
A: If your program is using the Provider Application with Signature option select the application from the 'Forms and Links' page. Find more information in the Forms and Links section of this manual.

A: You may be instructed to print, sign and scan your application documents. If so, use the File Upload to send your documents to the program.

Q: How do I upload documents or forms in my portal?
A: Follow the instructions in the File Upload section of your manual.

Q: I submitted my forms / completed my activities. Why are there no complete dates on my Actions Required Screen?
A: Some items require final completion by the program staff. A completion date will appear when the program accepts or approves the items.

Q: How long after I complete my action required items do I have access to the portal?
A: Until you leave the program and they inactivate your account.

Q: How do I update my resource listing?
A: If you are a "registry provider" you will see a Resource Listing link by your name at the top of the page. Once you load the page you can use the radio buttons at the bottom of the page to send a message to the program who can update your information for provider matches. See more information in the Provider Check In section of this manual.

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Action Required Tab

When you first login you’ll see your Action Required (#1) tab. This is a list of the tasks to complete your application. The Active (#2) tab shows the activities not completed. The Activity (#3) column shows the names of each activity. The Document (#4) column will show a linked document if the program has included one with that activity. Date Assigned (#5) shows the date the activity was created. Due Date (#6) shows the date you must complete the activity by. See the Videos section for more information on watching video activities (#7).

The All (#1) tab shows all activities. The activity for the video we watched (#2) shown in the Videos section now shows a date (#4) in the Completed Date (#3) column. Note: if activities are canceled this tab will show a date in the Cancelled Date (#5) column.

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Watching a Video

When you select an activity that is a video it will send you to the video screen. Select the play (#1) button to start the video.

The video will start playing. You cannot fast forward through the video. You may pause (#1) the video if needed.

Once the video reaches the end the system will display a Complete (#1) button . Select the complete button to complete the associated activity. Completing the video will take you back to the Action Required tab.

Note: you can rewatch a video anytime by selecting the completed activity from the Show All sub-tab of the Action Required tab, or from the Videos page as seen in the Forms and Links section

Messages Tab

You can send and receive messages to and from the program (IHSS and / or Public Authority) from the Messages (#1) tab. It shows messages between you and the program. The Received (#2) sub-tab shows messages that are sent to you. Select the Reply (#3) button to reply to a message. You may also select New Message (#4) to start a new message.

The system will load a message box. If this is a response start typing above the (#1) line. If this is a new message the Message box will be empty. When your done typing your message or response select the Send (#2) button.

Your reply or sent message will show on the Sent (#1) sub-tab

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Forms and Links Tab

The Forms and Links (#1) tab shows online forms in the grid to be completed. Select the spyglass icon in the Open (#2) column to start the form. See more about the provider application form below.

The links on the right under Provider Forms (#3) are documents provided by the program that are available for download. Some of these forms are linked to Action Required items already.

Provider Application Form

When you select the spyglass icon in the Open column the system will open the online application form. The form opens to a Summary (#1) of all the questions and answers for every section. Select a section link (#2) below the summary to view its question and answer options. 

Select an answer (#1) for each question in each section. When you've completed all sections select the Send (#2) button.

The system will confirm that you're ready to complete the form. Select the OK (#1) button.

The system will send you to a login screen for security purposes. Enter your username and login then select the Sign In (#1) button. 

Back on the forms and links tab you'll see a date (#1) in the Submit column. Note: if you open the form after it's signed it will be read only. 

All Videos Page

You can watch all of the videos from the Provider Videos page. Select the Videos in all Languages (#1) link under the "Providers Forms" list on the "Forms and Links" tab. 

This opens a page where you can select a language (#1)

Once you've select a language the system will load a "Provider Videos" page. The same videos linked to activities on your Action Required tab are shown here. If the video has been marked completed it shows a checkmark (#1) next to the video. Note: if the video has not been watched you can select it and watch it as seen in the Watching a Video section.

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File Uploads Tab

The File Uploads(#1) tab shows documents you or the program added to complete your application process. The Download (#2) column shows a download link that will download the document to your device when selected. The Received (#3) column shows a received date when applicable. The Submitted (#4) column shows a submitted date when applicable. The Status (#5) column shows the status of the document. The status will show "pending review" until the program accepts or rejects documents you've uploaded to compelete an activity on the Action Required tab. Also associated activities in the Action Required will not show complete until the status of the document is updated to “accepted” by the program. 

Select the New (#6) button to upload a document.

After you've selected the new button the system opens the file upload options. Select the File Type (#1) this should match the activity from the action required tab you're trying to complete. For example if the activity was to provide the program with your "unexpired photo id" you would select that type from the selectoin box. . Type in a Description (#2) for the file you're uploading. Select the Choose File (#3) button and select a file from your device. Select the Send (#4) button to complete the upload. 

The system will reload the documents grid showing the document you've added (#1).

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Appointments Tab

Some counties are setting up appointments for in person meetings. If appointments are available they will show up on the Available Appointments (#2) sub-tab of the Appointments (#1) tab. To make an appointment first select the spyglass icon (#3) in the Open column next to the appointment date you want to see the available times for that day.

The system will load the available appointments sessions for the date you selected. Select the plus sign + (#4) next to the appointment time that works for you on that date. If you do not see appointment times listed then all of the appointments on that day are taken. You'll need to select a different appointment date from the previous screen. 

The system will load a confirmation message (#5) with the appointment information for the appointment time you selected. You may select the Close (#6) button to return to the appointments screen.

Select the My Appointments(#7) tab to view your appointment. If needed cancel your appointment by selecting the cancel icon (#8) in the Cancel column.

Note: the IHSS counties are setup so that you can only sign up for one appointment time at a time. If you try to open another appointment day after you've registered for a an appointment time the system will tell you you're already registered (#9). If you need to change your appointment time go back to the "My Appointments" tab seen above and select the cancel button. Then return the the "Available Appointments" tab and select a new day and / or a new appointment time. 

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How to update your account information

To update your account information, select your name (#1). Then select the Profile (#2) option The system will load your information page.

Your First name (#3) and Last name (#4) are locked. If you need to your name updated please use the Messages tab to notify your County IHSS. Required fields that must remain filled in are marked with an asterisk * like the first name, last name, Email (#5) and Password (#6) boxes. The remaining fields are optional but filling them in will make your contact record more complete for your IHSS office. Once you have completed your desired updates select the Save (#7) button. 

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Provider Check In for Registry Providers

If you are a Registry Provider you will periodically see a Provider Check In (#2) activity in your Actions Required (#1) tab. This is a reminder to check and update your Resource Listing (#3). Selecting the activity link (#2) or the resource listing link (#3) will open your resource listing page.

When the page opens scroll down and view all of the items in each category (#1) like serivces provider types etc.When you make selections you are indicating these are the services you willing to provide or regions or provider types etc you are willing to service. IHSS will use this information to match you up to a recipients needs and send your information to them as a referral. Once you've made all of your selections select the Send (#2) (#3) button at the top (#2) or bottom (#3) of the page. If you do not need to make any changes to the selections you will need to select an option at the bottom of the page. For example select the All Information is Current (#4) then select one of the Send (#2) (#3) buttons. 

If the options on the page look current you may select the All information is current option (#1) then select the Send (#2) button.

If you have a question or want someone to contact you about your resource listing select the Please call me at the number below (#1) option which opens a Contact Phone: (#2) text box.  Enter your number into the box (#2) then select the Send (#3) button.

If you want to send a message to the program regarding the changes to your resource listing, select the Please make the adjustments below (#1) option which opens a text box (#2). Enter your desired changes into the textbox (#2) then select the Send (#3) button. Note: this is an older option that was available before you were able to update your selections on this page yourself. However you still have the option to use this textbox to send IHSS a message regarding your resource listing. 

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Notifications Tab

If the program is sending formal letters they will show on the Notifications (#1) tab. Select the link (#2) in the Description column to open the document.

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Training Events Tab

On the Training Events tab (#1), you can view, register, and ask questions about training events that are available to attend. Select the question mark icon in the Ask (#2) column to ask a question. Select the spyglass icon in the Open (#3) column to view the event. 

If you selected the question mark icon the system will open a question box for the event. Enter your question into the text box (#4) and select the Submit Question (#5) button. 

You'll see your question in the Submitted Questions (#6) grid below the button. 

If you selected the spyglass icon the system will open "Event Information" screen The "Provider Training Assessment" will be open to a summary view. Select a section link Provider Information (#7) for example to load the questions for that assessment section. 

Answer the questions in the section (#8) then select the Register for Event (#9) button. If there are other links under the Summary you'll select each one and fill out any questions on those sections before selecting the Register for Event button. 

The system will return you to the training events page. You'll see a checkmark in the Registered (#10) column. 

Select the ask icon to check for a Response (#11) to your question.

If you need to cancel your registration select the spyglass icon again and select the Cancel My Registration (#12) button

If a certificate if awarded for the event you'll see a print icon in the Certificate (#13) column after the event. 

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Using the portal on your mobile device 

The provider portal has been updated to work better with mobile devices. Here are some tips for features on any device including mobile where the screen you're on may be smaller than a larger desktop computer or laptop screen. On a smaller device the left menu may not be readily viewable to save screen space. You may select the 3 lines (#1) to show the side menu. Also pointed out here is the Arrow (#2). This is important because in a mobile phone portrait view (holding your phone normally) the remaining columns in a data grid will be collapsed. 

Here you can see the 3 lines (#1) have been tapped and the menu (#3) is revealed. 

This example shows the arrow (#4) has been tapped and the rest of the columns for the line item in the data grid how are revealed. 

Here you can see the same page in landscape (holding your phone sideways) to view the page in a wide width. The menu (#5) is hidden. 

Here the menu (#5) is expanded (#6)

Also viewing the page with the phone sideways we can see all of the columns in the data grid in this example. 

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Please note the limitations of our support:

  1. If you are able to log into the portal, use the Messages tab to communicate directly with your program staff. It may take a bit to hear back, but emailing JUMP Technology Services will not produce a faster response. We can not answer questions about when your application will be completed or when you will receive your provider number.  We only provide the software for tracking your process.
  2. Under no circumstances should you email your documents or photo ID to JUMP. Sending this information via email places you at risk of third parties who would like to steal your identity. We will not assume responsibility for your actions in sending private and confidential information to us via email. The portal is a secure method for uploading this information and the encryption used protects your confidential information but only if you are logged into the portal.

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