Elevate Your Adult Protective
Services System

Empower your staff with our comprehensive mobile solution


LEAPS is Your Comprehensive Adult Protective Services Solution

Empower your field staff with a faster, easier mobile system

Innovation for Your Investigations

A unique system designed specifically for Adult Protective Services (APS) agencies, LEAPS allows your team to confidently track outcomes. Featuring better resources targeting, built-in efficiencies, and reliable compliance, mobile-friendly LEAPS is trusted by more than 2,000 agencies nationwide.

LEAPS empowers APS agencies to:

Shorten investigation cycles

Standardize data capture

Catch inconsistencies in documentation

Merge duplicates

Standardize definitions

Work from anywhere with an internet connection

Organized and easy to use, LEAPS uses the language of the APS worker and supervisor alike for a user-friendly, intuitive experience. The feature-rich, web-based system makes it simple for your team to detail the spectrum of investigation, from discovery through remediation

Key Features

Bottom-line efficiencies

Streamlined, lightweight and instinctual, LEAPS makes it simple for your staff to better target resources. This leads to more cost-effective solutions, budget savings, and improved outcomes.

Field Friendly

LEAPS mobile screens allow field staff to easily capture narratives, documents and other data. Google Maps is integrated for easy navigation to clients; no special installations or apps required.

Flexible & ever-evolving

LEAPS isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our expert analysts and engineers are always available to evolve system features to accommodate new regulations and legislation, as well as budget opportunities.

LEAPS for Adult Protective Services

Our flagship product, LEAPS for Adult Protective Services provides case component data for your annual NAMRS report submissions. For programs that are not yet submitting NAMRS data, this means that you will now be able to monitor and track key component indicators, including:

Victim characteristics

The prevalence of abuse reported

Perpetrator characteristics

APS Service provision including detailed types of substantiation, interventions, prosecution and convictions counts, caseloads complexity and performance deadlines.

Please note, we also have available a customized version of LEAPS for APS for California counties.

LEAPS for Ombudsman

This system version supports State Ombudsman programs in leveraging an affordable web- enabled system that effectively supports a smooth, operational data flow. With easy to use screens and dashboards, this system also adapts easily to the coming changes in NORS reporting.

LEAPS for Legal Services Developer

For Legal Services Develop programs, LEAPS offers an easy-to-train and implement solution to meet your state and federal reporting needs. With built-in tracking for CERA reports, the system works well with a variety of intake sources.

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