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Welcome Montana Facility Providers and CNA Applicants

This support page is provided by JUMP Technology Services to assist IHSS providers in the usage of the BOUNDS provider portal application. Before continuing please view this section on the limitations of support.

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Frequently Asked questions

Q: How do I contact Montana OIG
A: You can contact them directly by using the Messages tab. Follow the instructions in the Messages section.

Q: How do I update my password? 
A: Select your name at the top right to update your password. 

Q: My name isn't correct, how can I change it? 
A: You will need to contact Montana OIG directly to change your name, use the Messages tab.

Q: I have Actions Required what does that mean? 
A: Each item on your Action Required tab is an item you need to complete. See the Action Required section of this manual. 

Q: I have a message when I login that says, "You have applications that have been saved but not sent..." what do I do?  
A: Go to your Forms and Links tab and open the spy glass next to your application. If you've filled in all of the questions, click / tap the send button that is to the right of the save button. This will submit your application to the state and complete the application item on your actions required tab. When it is sent you'll see a submit date next to the application when you reload the forms and links tab. 

Q: The item on Action Required isn't clickable.
A: If the item isn't clickable go to your Forms and Links tab and all of the forms can be found there. See the Forms and Links  section of this manual. 

Q: Did I complete my action required items?
A: Action Required items move to the Show All tab when they are complete. See the Action Required section of this manual.  If an action is still showing, it may be waiting on the program to review your submission.

Q: How do I send in my filled out form? 
A: Once you have filled out and saved your form follow the instructions in the File Upload section of your manual. 

Q: How do I upload documents or forms in my portal?  
A: Follow the instructions in the File Upload section of your manual. 

Q: I submitted my forms why are there no complete dates? 
A: The forms have to be accepted by Montana OIG. Once the program accepts your submissions you will see a completion date for them. 

Q: How long after I complete my action required items do I have access to the portal?
A: Until you leave the program and they inactivate your account. 

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Action Required Tab

When you first login you’ll see your Action Required (#1) tab. This is a list of the tasks to complete your application. The Show Active (#2) tab shows the activities not completed. The Activity (#3) column shows the names of each activity. The Document (#4) column will show a linked document if the program has included one with that activity. Date Assigned (#5) shows the date the activity was created. Due Date (#6) shows the date you must complete the activity by. Some activities are links that will take you to a page to complete that activity for example the Provider Application (#7)

The Show All (#1) tab shows all activities. The activity for the Provider Application (#2) now shows a date (#4) in the Completed Date (#3) column. Note: if activities are canceled this tab will show a date in the Canceled Date (#5) column.

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You can send and receive messages to and from the Public Authority Registry via the portal. Select the Messages tab. There are Received and Sent tabs, you can reply to messages or create new ones. These messages go directly to the Public Authority Registry. 



When you select Reply or New you can enter a subject and message. Then select send to send the message. 



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Forms and Links

This is where you'll find your application. If you clicked or tapped the "Provider Application" link on the Action Required tab you'll be taken to this page.

From here you can select the spyglass next to the current application.

This will open load the sections of the application to a summary screen.

Select the other categories on the left and fill in the answers to the questions in each section.

If you need to save your progress and return later you may select the save button.

If you're done with your application you'll want to select the Send button to submit it to the program.

Once you've submitted the application a submit date will show when you reload the Forms and Links tab.

Also on this page, you will be able to download forms in the list on the right.  

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File Upload

On the File Upload tab, you can upload your saved files to send to PA Registry. Select New to upload a file. 

**Make sure to save your document to your device

Then select your file type. 

Enter the Description and Choose File then select Send.

*When you select Choose File you will find the form that you have downloaded, filled out, and saved to your device. 

Once you have uploaded the file you can see it on the File Upload grid as well as select it to open it. 

Important Note: You will not get a complete date for these forms until OIG accepts the form. 

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Update Account Information


Select Your name in the upper right corner to reach your account information page. When the account page loads you may make your changes including updating your password. Be sure to save your changes.


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The payments tab will show payments for license fees entered by the administrators of the facility. Start by selecting the new button.  

The payment options will open. Select the product typically the choices are an initial fee or a renewal fee. If you don't recall the amount you should enter the license fee activity on your action required tab should have a linked instruction document. Select the payment method. Fill in the billing information. If the shipping information is the same you may select the "same as billing" option at the top of the shipping information section. Once you have all of the information filled in select the "Proceed to Payment Portal" option. 

You'll now see screens from the Montana Online Payment Portal. Here are some examples. It will shows you the fee, cost and totals for your payment. Fill in any extra fields that are not pre-populated then select the "Next" button. 

Please Note: The Bounds system technicians cannot support issues that may occur with the Montana Online Payment Portal. However should you experience issues finalizing your payment you may use the messages tab to contact the program "OIG" for assistance. 

The Montana Online Payment Portal will take you to the payment information page where you will enter the information for your payment method. This example shows the credit card method. Enter the information needed for your payment method then select the "Submit Payment" button. 

The Montana Online Payment Portal will show you your receipt. You may print it or select done to get back to the Bounds Portal.

Once you select "Done" you'll be sent back to Bounds. If you reload the Payments tab you'll see your new payment listed in the grid with Today's date and transaction ID. 

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Plan of Correction

When you see a plan of correction action item you may select the plan of correction link. 

This opens the page showing all notifications including plan of correction items. Select the pencil icon to open the report

Once opened you'll see each rule(s) (issue(s)) that needs to be addressed. Select the pencil icon next to each one. Note there is a printable summary link that will print the rules to a summary document. 

You can view the full description of the issue to be addressed and enter your narrative into the relevant boxes to describe your plan to address each item. Be sure to select the save button when you're finsihed. OIG will receive a notification when you're finished and review your plan of correction.

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Please note the limitations of our support:

  1. If you are able to log into the portal, use the Messages tab to communicate directly with your program staff. It may take a bit to hear back, but emailing JUMP Technology Services will not produce a faster response. We can not answer questions about when your application will be completed..  We only provide the software for tracking your process.
  2. Under no circumstances should you email documents to JUMP. Sending information via email places you at risk of third parties who would like to misuse information you provide. We will not assume responsibility for your actions in sending private and confidential information to us via email. The portal is a secure method for uploading information and the encryption used protects confidential information but only if you are logged into the portal.

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