Information Technology, Security, and Compliance

End to End Security

Our SaaS solutions are hosted with Rackspace Government Solutions.  JUMP has been working with Rackspace since 2008 for managed services with co-located servers and managed security services.  In 2020, JUMP migrated to the RGS environment to achieve a FedRAMP compliant hosting platform.

Together with Rackspace Government Solutions (RGS), JUMP provides customers with fully compliant FedRAMP cloud infrastructure to support your critical applications. Rackspace has 21 years of experience meeting and exceeding government and commercial security requirements. Data centers are strategically placed in FedRAMP-authorized locations and our RGS private cloud architecture allows government entities to meet all NIST 800-53, FISMA, FedRAMP and organization-specific security requirements.

RGS is a Joint Operational Board (JAB)-authorized cloud vendor that empowers Jump to ensure the security of data for the public and private sectors from the virtualization layer down to the physical infrastructure. Leveraging RGS, Jump offers 24/7/365 visibility and reliable uptime performance to support government agencies and enterprises of any size. RGS is also fully PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant.

To learn more about our security compliance, provisioned architecture, vulnerability scans and patch management, please contact us.

Application Security

JUMP utilizes tools such as Netsparker to mitigate vulnerabilities and ensure security at the application level.  Our development team is led by senior software engineers with more than 30 years of experience.  In addition, our engineers receive annual training in current code level vulnerabilities.  Following best practices in the engineering, the team then submits their product for a Netsparker review before releasing the software to customers.

I.T. Requirements Met

Information Technology Departments enjoy working with JUMP.  We understand their concerns and requirements, so we do our best to make it easy for their reviews.  Our SaaS solutions leverage modern browsers with no additional plugins required.  We offer SSO integration and provide a testing platform prior to new releases.  Our database backups are published via secure connection, and we assist your team in integration with Power BI or other central dashboard solutions.

Our systems are designed to be configurable by application "super users" which means that I.T. staff are not needed to support the application. 

If you need additional details about our information technology, please contact us.  Some information cannot be shared via the internet.