We provide solutions, not just ideas. The difference means our consultants leverage their knowledge, experience, commitment, and passion to see successful solutions implemented. Tackling important business challenges means strategic problem-solving and concept development. JUMP combines the critical thinking of the best strategy firms with a deeper focus on business objectives and process. While it is thrilling to help businesses overcome challenges, it is also a lot of work.

We are looking for highly intelligent, hard working, and strategic thinkers.  The motivation and ability to seek out and aquire knowledge on your own is a non-negotiable trait we look for in our associates.

Our consultants are encouraged to assume leadership roles. We believe that people who know how to bring value to their teams earn opportunities for growth not possible elsewhere. This type of personal engagement allows us to ensure quality and profitability in our solutions as well as supporting intellectual growth.

Learning from each other expands our capacity. You will often find team members exchanging ideas sometimes even passionately. We may debate in open forum, but we separate ideas from people. We believe that these forums foster innovation and strategic solutions



Joining the team at JUMP

Our role as IT consultants can be very challenging. Customers rely on us to keep projects on schedule. A consultant who allows his work to fall behind schedule can place tremendous pressure on his team members. Working in teams requires trust and commitment to be there on time for each other. A passion to serve other team members as well as customers is critical.

Because team development is so vital to what we do, JUMP offers permanent engagements only to those who have worked with us under contract or in the Summer Associate program. Towards the end of the program, a review team will evaluate the fit of the individual based on their performance and value as a team member. Permanent Associates are selected from our contractor and Summer Associate candidates.