We leverage technology to deliver award winning solutions.  Our customers frequently ask us how we have the time to do all that we do.  Our only explanation is that our customers are the motivation.  We work with amazing, innovative organizations with a passion for service that parallels our own.  Together, we create service communities with powerful, collaborative solutions.  Our case studies highlight some of our most notable projects.

Practical Comprehensive Collaborative Solutions

Today, multiple agencies are involved in the protecting the rights of vulnerable adults. From licensing and certification of long term care or residential assisted living facilities to Long Term Care Ombudsman programs, APS programs partner with other agencies to build a community of support and intervention in abuse, neglect, and exploitation cases. In Montana, JUMP’s incident reporting portal provides automated cross reporting and a collaborative effort to address incidents that require investigation and or follow up. The provider community acts as a partner in the collaboration by submitting their reports through the portal.


Our Contribution


We provide annual support to the National Adult Protective Services Association by sponsoring field staff attendance at the conference. We pay for lodging and registration through our annual conference sweepstakes. NAPSA’s annual conference provides valuable training to APS field staff. In addition, many small programs find their sense of belonging to the larger community of APS workers and enhance their own programs through the network of support. We love watching these organizations evolve in their levels of service to their local communities.

Many small programs continue to struggle to find a budget that will fund an effective software solutions. JUMP’s leadership periodically selects programs for significantly discounted service based on financial need and population demographics.