Executive Profiles

Denise Brinkmeyer
President of JUMP Technology Services®, L.L.C. leveraging over 20 years of diverse business experience with various sized companies as well as a solid communications background to develop business consulting service strategies for the applications development department. Responsible for development and implementation of software project management and software design methodologies that dramatically increased both customer satisfaction and department performance.

Alan Brinkmeyer
Vice President of JUMP Technology Services®, L.L.C. providing 25 years of professional software design and development experience. Mr. Brinkmeyer oversees software quality assurance in software architecture design and construction. His commitment to achieving the highest quality in software products have earned the company a reputation for stable, high quality software and smooth implementations.

Lee Buddrus
As Chairman of the Board for CIMCASE Corporation and JUMP Technology Services, Lee Buddrus helps maintain the vision of the company, helping it to remain in the forefront of the technological race, continuing to provide quality services and systems.