Software Architecture & Engineering

Managed Success in Custom Software Systems

At JUMP Technology Services®, we subscribe to the basic concepts of software engineering principles. Regardless of technology evolution, four key attributes of well-engineered software systems exist:

Maintainable – Systems engineering approach to software design keeps it well organized and structured to ensure extensibility as the organization grows
Reliable – Thorough execution in design, development, and quality assurance mean a robust and highly available system
Efficient – Long before the first character of code is written, the software engineer's design considers the environment and usage of the system to ensure efficiency at both the machine and user level
Appropriate user interface –A critical component to the success of the system is cohesion in appearance and messaging of the forms as well as intuitive design.

Upon analysis, the evolution of technology paradigms deals primarily with scope. Evolving from local computer applications to distributed applications sharing data across an enterprise and now the globe, the paradigms are closely coupled with new business paradigms. While software vendors continually provide new modeling concepts and tools for custom software designs, the underlying custom software engineering principles remain the same, or should. Beware of any potential vendor that tells you otherwise. There is no replacement for great thinking, great engineering.