JUMP Technology Services® has provided information technology products and services to businesses since 1986. As CIMCASE International Corporation, the company successfully implemented and supported an MRP system developed by CIMCASE for UNISYS. In 2000, JUMP Technology Services® emerged as the company responded to the increasing demand for distributed PC based E-Commerce systems and technologies. Today, JUMP offers a wide range of technology solutions, including custom software architecture design and development, as well as Search Marketing Strategies

We are a certified, woman owned small business.

Affordable, Knowledgeable, Helpful
What makes us different? Our ability to quickly understand the unique and particular requirements of the business. While industries may share common methodologies and processes, each organization operates in a way that makes it unique. Our analysts know how to help you streamline your processes using lean methodologies to build systems that produce a quick ROI. Because we work so quickly, our customers find that we offer the most affordable and timely custom software solutions. Our customers call us their friends.